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The drug to more commonly treat ADHD, Adderall, can be incredibly helpful to those who need to study or work for long periods of time. It increases the users attention span as well as their ability to focus and listen. However, it is a prescription drug that is difficult to get a hold of without one. Its demand from students has caused a good portion of the Adderall users are using Adderall without prescription. However, because it is a powerful drug it can be dangerous and it is definitely recommended to talk to a doctor before using it.


To use Adderall without prescription it is important to use the drug responsibly and to stop if there are any serious side effects that could harm the body in the long run.


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It is an amphetamine mixed with a dextroamphetamine that stimulates the central nervous system that creates more certain chemicals in the brain. Make sure to take the recommended dose from a doctor the first time when taking Adderall without prescription. It can have a wide variety of effects on the user so it is important to know what it does to that specific user. Also, it is important to know what type of Adderall it is. The IR version of the drug is an instant release version that will release all of the drug at the same time. The XR version is made to dissolve half when it is taken and then half in four hours in stomach acid. Know what type it is to know how the Adderall will effect the user.

Because the user is using Adderall most probably without the consultation of a doctor it is even more important to know about the side effects. Due to it not being prescribed to the user they also don't know if it will work well with their own body. Do not use Adderall if the user has hardened arteries, glaucoma, moderate to high blood pressure, or is pregnant. The side effects to worry about are high perspiration, insomnia, increase in anxiety, and it may become habit forming. Due to its habit forming abilities it is recommended that those that have had addiction or drug abuse problems stay away from Adderall.

Using Adderall without a prescription can be beneficial in order to focus on work in the office or in school but it does come with risks. Also, it is illegal to use or buy Adderall without a prescription. Use Adderall with care and know the risks to get the most out of the drug.

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